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Adding a filter list

Adblock Browser requires filter lists to block ads. A default filter list based on your browser's language settings is automatically enabled when Adblock Browser is installed.

There are two basic filter lists – EasyList and Fanboy's List. These two filter lists block ads from the most popular (often English language-based) websites. However, these filter lists do not block ads on less popular national websites. For example, if you live in Germany you should subscribe to the national German filter list.


As a recommendation, you should avoid adding too many filter lists to Adblock Browser. Adding too many filter lists slows down the ad blocker and, therefore, your browsing.

  1. Open the Adblock Browser app.
  2. Tap Adblock Browser icon and select Settings.
  3. Below Privacy & Security, tap Adblock Plus.
  4. Below Blocking, tap Ad blocking.
  5. Select the filter list you would like to subscribe to below Other Languages.

Adding a filter list visual